Action on Urination

Originally posted by Labour in Coldharbour

Urination in the street is a blight on Brixton, and there have been many discussions between ward members, Cabinet members and officers about street urination and toilet provision. I am pressing for commitments in the Brixton Central regeneration plans for continued public toilet provision. In the mean time, the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, Cllr Jennifer Brathwaite, has agreed other actions to reduce the impact of urination on residents, so I thought I would share these with you. Please let me have any comments or questions. Cllr Matt Parr

New Daily Jet Washing Regime – Currently known urination hotspots are either jet washed fortnightly (by Lambeth) or not at all.  From Monday 23rd these hotspot area will be jet washed DAILY.  Monday to Friday Lambeth will be responsible for jet washing these hotspots, the Business Improvement District (BID) will undertake jet washing on Saturday and Sunday. The BID currently operates a jet washing service during the weekend and we will be asking them to coordinate this arrangement with our new jet washing regime.

Urination is an issue for residents as whilst they may not witness a person urinating on the street they can smell the remnants of that actively hours after it has happened. Daily jet washing should get rid of the problem.

Please note that cleaning crew cannot jet wash if the weather is below a certain temperature as the water will turn to ice.

Pissoir – The pissoir in Electric Ave should be repaired and working this Wednesday

Signage – Last week I agreed a plethora of signs directing the locations of toilets in the Brixton area

Brixton Tube – TfL have confirmed they will put a Map on the station property (exterior wall to front of station) detailing the locations of toilets. I have been pressing TfL to open public toilets which we know are in the arcade to the left of the tube ticket hall, but this could be a difficult campaign.

Community Toilet Schemes – We are in talks with the BIDs on this. It is hoped they will take over the operation of the scheme as they are best placed to identify where the demand for toilet facilities are during the NTE.

Pop Brixton – Remember, there are 12 unisex toilets in Pop Brixton which will be included in the TFL map.

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